Dexter Inn & Suites is a 211 unit facility located in Labrador City at the heart of the Labrador Trough “Iron Ore Belt." Whether you are visiting for business or pleasure we can provide you with the convenience of a great location and be your home away from home.

Dexter Inn & Suites offers 3 1/2 star accommodations close to all amenities. Our rooms and suites are smoke-free, air-conditioned, wheelchair accessible with full housekeeping services, free parking and cable TV.  We also offer free WiFi, weight and fitness facility, lounge with TV, billiards & darts, laundry, cafeteria-style dining hall as well as meeting room & office space. 


Room rates are as follows:

Regular room: $150

Suite: $185

Luxury Suite: $245

Apartment with Kitchenette: $295

Regular Room with meal package for long-term stay (>10 days): $215

Meal Package (3 meals per day): $105


Dexter Inn & Suites is:

  • Conveniently located to shopping locations, restaurants, and industrial park; 
  • Conveniently located near the Iron Ore Mine;
  • Only 5 minutes from the Tamarack Golf Club;
  • Only 6 minutes away from the Smokey Mountain Ski Club;
  • Only 10 minutes from the Wabush Airport;



For booking inquiries or more information, please contact us.